We are a PR and Digital Marketing Consultancy based in Brighton UK, with an international team that supports our activities. We focus on the international business arena. We help businesses to grow globally.

We like to work with smaller businesses, including sole traders, freelancers, startups, creatives and artists but also with medium scale companies or organisations. At the other end of the scale we have the skills necessary to work with larger companies or organisations operating on an international basis.

We offer a wide range of services from branding, such as logo creation or even interior design for your premises, through to digital marketing, including website creation and hosting, social media marketing optimisation, SEO and PPC, and reputation management through to PR, plus strategic and international marketing services and event-management.

What makes us different? We are down to earth people but we like to think differently. We aim to combine creative, innovative and efficient ways to promote your business within the right zone, to the right people, in order to enhance your awareness of your business and brand, to enhance customer acquisition and the assist the development of your business.

Our focus industries are E-commerce, Finance, Art, Culture and Fashion. – However don’t worry if you’re not in those business areas, the special approach to marketing that we have learnt from these sectors, may bring extra value to your business.