Anthea Missy

Anthea Missy

Anthea is the Strategic Marketing Consultant Partner of SBA. She has earned three degrees from prestigious business schools in France (Sup de Co Montpellier where she was awarded the prestigious excellence grant – 24 000 €) and in Belgium (Solvay Business School) in business and economics, with a major in marketing and PR.

Anthea has a strong background in product management and business consultancy, with a highly strategic mindset and operational skills in product and service industries at a decision making level, within large companies and small businesses. She has contributed to the development of brands such as Levi’s and to the corporate strategy of Siemens in Belgium.

All the way through her internationally oriented studies and career, she has exhibited her skills in a competitive, results oriented environments and proved to be an original thinker with an exceptional level of autonomy and vision. Her marketing flair is guided by the religion of the ‘customer voice’.

She combines two mindsets – she is not only a hands on strategic problem solver but also a highly inspirational creative, successfully connecting her street art works with a global art audience, within a very short time frame.

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