Your brand is what you wish to communicate to your prospective customers. It’s your company’s source of promise.


Your brand is the foundation for your marketing communications. It’s the visual reflection of your company’s identity. Your identity reflects how you want your customers to perceive your brand, your company, your  products and/or services.

Your branding is not about getting your target markets to choose you above the competition, but rather about persuading your prospects to choose you as the only one that can solve their problems.

Branding Services Packages

Our team of professional graphic designers are experienced in creating powerful identities and brands for use in company stationery and literature, web site design and for application to building signage and company vehicles.

At SBA we have complete branding packages to suit your business needs:

Starter PackageBusiness PackageProfessional Package
Logo design for web and stationeryicon check_16x16icon check_16x16icon check_16x16
Font paletteicon check_16x16icon check_16x16icon check_16x16
Colour paletteicon check_16x16icon check_16x16icon check_16x16
Image paletteicon check_16x16icon check_16x16icon check_16x16
Website homepage strategyicon check_16x16icon check_16x16
Business card designicon check_16x16icon check_16x16
Six page Wordpress website design including coding (excluding domain name and hosting)icon check_16x16
Creation of thumbnails and web banners for social media integrationicon check_16x16

Extended Branding Services Offer

Interior Design

The business appearance of your premises can be as important as your business name, logo, tag line and the products or services that you are offering, etc…and all form part of your ‘brand manifesto’.

We have extended our services to offer your customers the holistic brand experience that you may need to achieve, collaborating with The Creative Mix (TCM), a Brighton and London based arts and design consultancy with substantial commercial interior design experience.



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