Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy

There is no getting around this one. No matter what your business, your products and services, without a clearly defined digital marketing strategy you’ll miss out on opportunities and could even lose business.

Customers are increasingly reliant on digital in their everyday life – searching, comparing, assessing and purchasing services and products you’re offering via electronic channels.

With a clearly defined strategy you’ll be able to stay focused, ensuring that your marketing activities are aligned with your business goals and that you’re targeting the right people.

Since there is no magical solution that could suit every business, each business sector is different with its own constellation – its particular groups of products and services, its own target markets, its own circumstances, etc. We are here to help you to design the right digital marketing solution for your business needs.

Website Services


We offer a range of website services, including international domain name registration and management, website and email hosting and content management systems through to sophisticated e-commerce websites with sophisticated back-end systems.

We can assist with the development of website specifications and can provide you with a web solution that is appropriate for both your business needs and your budget.

We are able to incorporate features that will make your website stand out from the crowd, such as special video content or embedded videos, image galleries, web forms for capturing visitor data, Google map links, where appropriate.

Our approach is focused around clarity and ease of navigation by website visitors and the ability for website content to adapt easily for tablets and Smartphones.

We are also able to edit and manipulate images in order to present your products or services in the most professional manner.

Content Marketing


 “Good content marketing makes a person stop, read, think and behave differently.”

Joe Pulizzi, Founder of the Content Marketing Institute

Content marketing is a strategic marketing concept with the aim of attracting and retaining customers by consistently creating and curating content that matters to them and that provides added value from a consumer’s perspective, often referred to as “great content”- since its intention is to change or enhance a customer’s behaviour.

Instead of marketing your products or services directly, by adopting a content marketing approach you publish content aiming to educate your buyers and prospective buyers.

By providing your customers and prospective customers with consistent and ongoing information that has value, they will reward you with purchases and loyalty.

Content marketing manifests via uninterrupted information stream, concentrating on content in all its varied forms (texts, photos, videos) relating to the products or services you are offering, focusing on company media (e.g. website, social media and blogs), that should be integrated into an overall marketing strategy.

Indeed, no matter what marketing tactics are being deployed – from PR, social media marketing,  SEO, PPC, inbound marketing and/or content strategies, you should always adopt a content marketing approach if you want your marketing campaigns to be successful.

If you feel this is meaningful to your company but don’t know where to start, our Content Marketing Experts are here to help you to take the necessary steps and will assist you in implementing a consistent, relevant and successful content marketing strategy, that will change your business and your prospects and customers behaviour, for the best.

Social Media Optimisation


There is no better way to gain website traffic and awareness of your event, product, service, brand or company than through social networking sites.

This can be achieved by deploying the right set of social media networks that suit your businesses online presence and by creating appealing content that can be shared across their own social media networks, thus generating an electronic “word of mouth” in favour of your business. That said, even if it appears to be straight forward, actually maintaining a consistent and appropriate online presence can become highly time consuming (and therefore expensive). However, it shouldn’t be left out of the marketing equation as it contributes to lead generation and higher conversion rates. Our objective is to help you to implement and maintain a relevant and cost efficient social media strategy that will correspond to your business and your customer’s online behaviour.

Editing, Copywriting and Translation Services


Our team of dedicated multilingual copywriters and professional translators are here to help you produce great pieces of content for advertising or marketing purposes, enabling you to raise brand awareness and present your business or organisation to potential customers around the world, in the best possible light.

Whether it’s for your online media or print material, direct mail marketing e-mails, online ads, SEO web copy, blog pieces and other type of content such as television and radio scripts, press releases, white papers, catalogues, brochures and flyers, post cards, sales letters and other marketing communication material – we have the right solution for your content.

We are proud to offer you the highest quality of service; all our copywriters are educated to MA degree level in language studies or related fields and have a proven track record in copywriting and work in accordance with the Copywriter’s Code of Ethics. Similarly, all our translators are native speakers in the language into which they translate, hold a qualification in translation and are specialised in one or more sectors.


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