International Marketing

If you want to be successful in addressing new markets with the products and services that you’re offering, you’ll definitely have to adapt your branding to take account of differences in culture, consumers, demographics and world markets – international marketing is clearly more than just exporting.

Our multicultural team of branding and marketing strategists can certainly help you with this.


Rapid technological progress has helped in removing geographical and cultural communication barriers, enabling many small or medium sized business to sell their products or services internationally. However there will be varying levels of success, depending on the effort, thought and research that has been put into developing an international marketing strategy.

Of course it will depend on your brand – basically any foreign individual or company could be one of your prospective customers but they will inevitably have different buying habits, preferences and priorities than the ones you’re used to. By tracking prospective foreign customers via market research and cultural surveys our team of international marketing experts can help you to find the best methods of reaching them.

The careful consideration of a culture’s beliefs and prejudices, prior to addressing a new market, is one of the most important facets in international marketing.

International marketing is much more than simply the application of marketing principles by companies in more than one country either overseas or across national borders. It’s the extension of a business’s local marketing strategy with a special focus on marketing, targeting and decision making applied with an international perspective. It’s the process of planning and executing the production, pricing, distribution and promotion of products and services on an international basis with the aim of creating an exchange that satisfies both individual as well as organisational objectives.

At SBA International, we know how difficult it can be for a small or medium-sized corporation to build an international marketing plan, most of the time because you don’t have the expertise or budget to launch a campaign. That’s where hiring marketing experts with specialist knowledge of foreign markets can be the solution; whether you’re a smaller company or larger organisation, with our help you can carry out basic cultural research and then implement successful international marketing campaigns.


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