Real Estate and Lifestyle Companies – Ibiza

SBA works with varied types of clients within the property sales and rental market in Ibiza such as individuals, private hotel owners, as well as larger real estate and lifestyle companies.

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In order to target and reach out to an international clientele based abroad, SBA has provided them with marketing intelligence services. SBA has also helped them in tailoring their offer to suit the needs and expectations of their prospective clients and clients by offering a unique customer experience. This enables them to maintain a competitive edge, which is the guarantee of a long term steady and sustainable growth.


SBA has provided its clients with custom communications and a tailor made customer acquisition road map. With its implementation, SBA’s clients are successfully marketing their properties to the right potential clients. SBA has assisted them with the appropriate distribution and access to communication channels within the French, German, and English speaking market places, enabling them to nurture their sales pipeline.